Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's

Frequently asked questions pop up when hiring a professional to help with your business needs. Are they the right fit? Do they have a grasp of your industry? Are they capable of getting up-to-speed quickly? Are they easy and pleasant to work with? Are they honest and ethical? And do they possess good communications skills.

These are qualities Cherryl takes very seriously. So she's identified nine commonly asked questions - to help you get to know her a little better. Like...

FAQ 1 - What sets you apart from everyone else?

Her Engineering background enables her to speak to both non-technical and technical people in a way they can appreciate.

When working in a highly technical field or a field that is very involved - like aerospace and aviation, your projects typically require a more formalized – technical – style and feel.
You'll want someone who understands technically-specific knowledge and terminology.
She's interacted with many disciplines. People working in …

  • Electronic and electrical fields
  • Chemical engineers
  • Industrial engineers
  • Manufacturing personnel
  • Sales and marketing staff, as well as
  • Upper management

Someone with good people skills gives you an advantage to reach out and talk easily with your customers, executives, engineers, as well as new potential customers about your products and services in a way they understand.

Having good knowledgeable working relationships with others goes a long way to achieving desired results.

FAQ 2 - Do you have any specialties?

Some of Cherryl's strengths include…

  • Direct Response Copywriting – Both - Online & Offline
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Online Strategic Marketing Analysis
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) copywriting

As a creative thinker and problem solver, she enjoys working with others.... both… in team environments or working independently.

Her company, Target Marketing Strategies, markets their services to companies in the aerospace and aviation industry. Offering both online and offline solutions in…

  • Business-to-business
  • Business-to-consumer
  • Manufacturing

FAQ 3 - Can you do the design, too?

Yes she can. Even though Cherryl doesn't have a college degree in graphic design, she's taken courses through AWAI and elsewhere in that field.
Other clients have asked her to do the design layout, also, in promotions she's written for them. She did, and they were very pleased with the results. So if you want to know more about that, talk to her about it.

FAQ 4 - What does it cost to hire you for a project?

Rather than charging by the hour, Cherryl prefers to quote a flat-fee for the projects she work on, and here's why...
There are lots of variables to consider when pricing projects for prospective clients.

Project fees are based on several factors like…

  • Whether it's an online or offline project
  • Does the project require a strategic marketing analysis
  • What type of copy do you need written
  • What's the nature of the product or service being marketed
  • What type of response are you expecting. Do you want a lead generator… a direct order or sale… and so on
  • Are there any existing materials to work from, or does she have to do the research herself, and so on

For her own purposes, she'll guesstimate how much time - she thinks – the project will take to complete.
Then she'll submit a proposal with a cost estimate. This lets her prospective clients know what to expect and eliminates surprises.

When working on a project, Cherryl digs deeper into the product or service – as well as further understanding your audience. She examines your competitive position to that of your competition. During that time, she is always looking for hidden gems that will make the copy stronger and more effective.

That's part of the value Cherryl brings to her clients, which is why she doesn’t like billing by the hour.
She’d rather agree to a flat-fee, and then take her time doing whatever’s required to get the copy just right. Then she'll do her very best to get it to you on time.

FAQ 5 - Do you guarantee your work?

Cherryl takes pride in conducting herself in a professional manner; as well as someone who is pleasant and easy to work with.

Yes, she DOES guarantee your satisfaction with the copy she writes for your project.
However… she DOES NOT guarantee any particular results from that copy. And here's why…

First and foremost… The Direct Marketing Association’s Code of Ethics prohibits her from doing that.
But also, there are many factors involved in marketing that are out of her control. Such as the…

  • Consumer preferences
  • Demand
  • Economy
  • Lists
  • Major events
  • Market
  • Price
  • Product
  • Stock market

Therefore, while Cherryl does guarantee your satisfaction with the copy, she does not promise – and cannot guarantee — specific results. That would that be dishonest… and unethical.

But she gets a HUGE rush when a client calls her with big results from a campaign that she helped create!

FAQ 6 - What if I want to make revisions?

Your agreed-upon fee arrangement made during negotiation, include revisions, at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.

The only conditions Cherryl requires are… they are requested within 30 days of receipt of the copy and that they do not involve a change in direction, scope or format.
And she also asks that you take the time to help her identify where the copy is missing the mark and clarify why it's not right.

Your satisfaction is most important! She wants you to be pleased and enthusiastic about her work when you receive it.
Here's how she works through that process…

  • If any word, phrase, promise -- or anything else in the text -- is likely to offend a regulator or expose the client to the possibility of litigation in anyway, she'll work with the attorney, compliance officer – or whoever -- to find a solution.
  •  However, if a change is needed, this is part of Cherryl's responsibility, and she will make the change.
  •  If the revision she makes doesn't satisfy the offended party, she'll continue working on it until it does.

 Beyond regulatory and other legal issues …

  • If she has written something inaccurately, it'll get corrected. No discussion necessary.
  • If you and Cherryl agree, that a requested change will strengthen the copy, no problem.
  • If a change is insignificant to the copy -- but makes you - the client - happy, okay.
  • However, if she thinks a change will damage response, then she will explain her reasoning why she thinks the revision should not be made and how it may even affect the strength of the promotion.  She will do her very best to work towards a solution that will be good for project as well as your company.

Her drive and desire comes from helping you reach the needs and goals of your company. And she takes that responsibility very seriously.

FAQ 7 - How do I go about hiring you?

If you're interested in hiring Cherryl, then please contact her by filling out the contact form.

Once she receives that contact form, she'll set up a time when you both can talk over the phone about your project, your needs, and your goals.
During our phone call - which should take between a half hour to an hour or so - Cherryl will tailor her questions towards understanding your needs, and goals. Your call will include getting clarification about what you want your project to achieve. Such as…

  • What specifically do you want your project to do
  • What desired response or outcome are you seeking
  • What kind of time-frame are you looking at
  • Do you have a budget range in mind for the project
  • What audience are you targeting
  • What kind of results are you hoping to achieve
  • Is this an online or offline project
  • Is the project targeting the consumer market or other businesses
  • Are you looking for leads or customers
  • And so on.

Taking time to learn as much as she can about your project will go a long way to help Cherryl understand what you're looking for and to clearly define the scope of the project.
It will, also, determine whether the both of you can do business together.

Once that's done, your next step will be to reach an agreement regarding the details of the project

Then Cherryl will draw up a proposal outlining the scope of the work to be done, as she understands it per your conversation, along with her proposed fees for that project.

FAQ 8 - Do you require a written contract?

Yes, she does. Having everything written down and agreed upon a head of time, ensures there are no misunderstandings about the project… thereby eliminating potential problems. The contract will include the…

  • Scope of the work to be done (as agreed upon in the written proposal)
  • Fee amount
  • Deadline
  • Revision expectations (As laid out in the proposal agreement.)

FAQ 9 - Do you ask for money up front?

Yes, our company require a 50% deposit up front, and then you'll receive an invoice for the balance upon completion of the project (payable upon receipt).

Our company accepts checks made payable to “Target Marketing Strategies.” Once the company has received your deposit of 50%, Cherryl can begin the work per your proposed agreement.

If you have questions about that... please be sure to bring it up during our initial phone call.

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