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This is the story about Target Marketing Strategies...

Prior to starting her own company, Cherryl - as a degreed Mechanical Engineering Technologist - provided liaison support between design engineers and factory personnel in the Aerospace and Aviation industries for over 25 years.

Working for companies like …

Hughes Missiles Systems – Now Raytheon – Tucson AZ
where she…

  • Established tooling requirements & assembly and process instructions for full scale development of AMRAAM Missile program for electrical & mechanical
  • Reduced assembly time of one of the major components of the AMRAAM missile system from 24 hours to 4 hours; resulting in a cost savings of $1,000,000 per year

At Boeing Commercial Airplane Co. – Seattle WA. & Portland OR
… as a Product Manager, Cherryl…

  • Tracked purchased parts, sub-assemblies & assemblies for 737, 757, 767, & 777 aircraft. Reporting out-of-compliance conditions to upper management along
    with recommended solutions.
  • Provided root cause analysis of the top 10% of defective major assemblies to upper management... along with recommended solutions and recovery times
  • Chaired product improvement teams for component and welded assemblies to improve production
  • Created capital asset budgets for major project tooling estimates, coordination & workload distribution
  • Defined and outlined a new occupation - a Process Engineering position, including a detailed description and written documentation

At Columbia Helicopters, Inc – Portland OR, she…

  • Provided manufacturing processes from engineering specifications
  • Co-established Technical Writing Department’s job description - defining skills to perform technical writing & graphic design layouts functions

And at AEC, Inc – Sandy, OR, Cherryl…

  • Provided handbook, maintenance manual, & parts catalog support from engineering drawings
  • Created Aircraft Cabin Handbook, Supplemental Maintenance Manual, & Illustrated Parts Catalog instructions to fulfill Federal Aviation Administration
    requirements to allow high-end aircraft into service

So what about Target Marketing Strategies?

Well... after so much of the aerospace and aviation manufacturing world started changing and companies began down-sizing, Cherryl decided to take control of her own future.

Starting her company - a marketing and graphic design business in 2003, Cherryl created promotional materials like brochures, business cards, sales materials and such for small businesses in the Minnesota, Oregon, and California area.

In 2007, she discovered the world of direct response copywriting. Learning how to write direct response copywriting and marketing materials from programs offered by American Writers and Artists, Inc. (AWAI).
As stated earlier, not only does Cherryl have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology, but she continuously adds to her education in the direct response industry.

To provide more value to her Target Marketing Strategies clients…

… Cherryl increases her knowledge in both online and offline copywriting, marketing, and even some graphic design.

Including programs like…

  • Strategic Marketing Tips and Techniques
  • Developing content that builds authority and generates leads
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) copywriting
  • Lead Generation
  • Creating customer success stories
  • Video sales and marketing

Cherryl obtained certification as a Search Engine Optimization Specialist to help her clients get better visibility and search engine rankings. She also passed AWAI's 'Test Verified' exam - validating her understanding and competency of writing direct response sales and marketing materials.

Adding strategic marketing analysis to her list of business skills, Cherryl discovered how to help companies increase their web presence to attract more visitors and get more customers.

She quickly realized how beneficial both types of writing - her technical writing and copywriting skills - could be used to benefit the right targeted markets.

As a creative thinker and problem solver...

...Cherryl communicates well and enjoys working with others... working well in both team environments or independently.

Her drive and passion comes in helping her clients grow their businesses and prosper.

She focuses on their challenges, needs, desires and interests. Then, using her experience within the aerospace and aviation industry, she offers suggestions and recommendations to help companies create solid, result-oriented solutions.

Cherryl's company, Target Marketing Strategies, markets their services to the aerospace and aviation industry. Offering both online and offline solutions for businesses selling to companies within…

  • Business-to-business
  • Business-to-consumer
  • Manufacturing

Her solid understanding in engineering, as well as her knowledge of copywriting and marketing, Cherryl offers a fresh perspective to your company's project … focusing on getting results. You can contact her here... if you'd like to talk to her.

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